Testimonials From Our Valued Clients

Our valued clients come from a wide range of industries located all over the world from small firms to large corporations. We also host many government and non-profit organisations websites such as NHS departments, universities and charities.

Winserve testimonial from Ben Hardy - www.bristolballoonfiesta.co.uk

Ben Hardy - www.bristolballoonfiesta.co.uk

The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta reviewed its website, including design, content management system and hosting. As Europe’s biggest hot air balloon event and one of the top five outdoor events in the UK, the Fiesta attracts an annual audience of 500,000. A staggering 85% of visitors primarily use the Fiesta’s website for information about the event, and to book advanced car parking. This creates a significant increase in website hits during August when the event is held (It has peaked 3-4 million unique views in the past). Previous website hosting solutions had resulted in the website being down for periods of time due to this high demand. Winserve were able to provide a cost effect hosting package for the Fiesta, providing a monitoring system to ensure enough capacity in the hosting package to handle the traffic to the site.
Winserve testimonial from Neil Strak - www.alecconwayschoolofmotoring.co.uk

Neil Strak - www.alecconwayschoolofmotoring.co.uk

I just wanted to say a big thank you. You guys have been absolutely awesome and your support has been outstanding. I have used the services of many of the bigger named web hosting companies in the UK and paid far far more per year for their services only to be let down by poor customer services and support when needed. I really cant praise you enough give yourself a good pat on the back.

Winserve testimonial from Peter Darby - PSD Management Ltd.

Peter Darby - PSD Management Ltd.

Having needed to transfer some ASP.NET websites to a new ISP and also create a few more websites for my customers, getting good technical support was always going to be a major issue for me. Happily, the support team at Winserve have exceeded my expectations and set a new benchmark for both speed and quality of response. I've had a number of issues to resolve and the team have responded within minutes in most cases. Also, as well as explaining what to do, they've occasionally done it for me when it was needed. As someone with reasonable, but not in-depth, ASP.NET website skills, I've found Winserve support to be excellent and a real positive differentiator.

Winserve testimonial from TheYachtMarket.com Limited - www.theyachtmarket.com

TheYachtMarket.com Limited - www.theyachtmarket.com

We've used other hosting companies in the past but have found WinServe to be the most reliable and also highly flexible when we need something a little out of the ordinary. We now use WinServe for all our hosting requirements and we would certainly recommend them highly.

Winserve testimonial from Craig Smith, 45b Web Design - www.45b.co.uk

Craig Smith, 45b Web Design - www.45b.co.uk

Since day one I have been impressed with WinServe's approach to customer service and support. After some very unsatisfactory service from one of the larger UK reseller companies, it was a breath of fresh air to find a company that not only provided a great hosting service, but offered fast, friendly and helpful support, sometimes even "over and above" the call of duty. I'd have no hesitation in recommending Winserve.

Winserve testimonial from Vincent Alder - Fingoo Ltd

Vincent Alder - Fingoo Ltd

Faultless Technically Advanced Host After 3 Years. We provide an Automated Online Software Activation Service to our customers. As you can imagine a problem with our web host would be extremely inconvenient to all our clients. We have been hosted with Winserve for over 3 years now and utilise 24 hour remote monitoring. I have never known a host to offer comparable ASP, dedicated SSL and ODBC services to Winserve. Their support service is both approachable and instantaneous. Without doubt the success of our business owes much to their unfaultable service.

Winserve testimonial from Matt Stanley-Webb - www.mtstudios.net

Matt Stanley-Webb - www.mtstudios.net

Previously I was running my own server assuming it would be the easiest, most flexible and best value route. I was wrong. I no longer need to get my hands dirty with the intricacies of running a server and my uptime commitment is one step removed (and improved, incidentally). I now have measurably more time to spend on what really matters - my customers. Furthermore, their support exceeds any expectations - not just in speed of response but also in terms of content and approachability. Not only that, they're not resting on their laurels, their service & features are constantly being improved! Highly recommended.

Winserve testimonial from Dean Marshall - www.skillclear.co.uk

Dean Marshall - www.skillclear.co.uk

Winserve provided all that I would expect in terms of reliability, services, etc, but I have been impressed mostly by the level of service - nothing is too much trouble for their support team and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Winserve testimonial from James Sinclair - www.ukwingchun.com

James Sinclair - www.ukwingchun.com

Thank you very much for all the effort you have made. You take the phrase help desk that bit further each time.

Winserve testimonial from Obaid Osmani - www.whiteroselaundries.co.uk

Obaid Osmani - www.whiteroselaundries.co.uk

Every time I have had a query about my new websites either via phone or email, your reply has been prompt and exact. I am very glad I moved my website to Winserve and recommend you guys all the time to my business contacts.

Winserve testimonial from Darren Dykes - Freelance Computers

Darren Dykes - Freelance Computers

Many thanks for your help.....this is the first time I have used you as a company to host a domain name and am very pleased with the support I have received from you and will certainly use you for more domain names.